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Dear Lily (2/17/2017)

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(Note: Lily Chua belonged to HS 55 and died on December 30, 2016.) 




Dear Lily,


          Your love for life is amazing and inspiring. Every moment for you seemed to count. It makes me wonder how long ago it was that you knew that you did not have much time left. We wouldn’t know since we don’t see you looking worried but we do know you as a sensible person who does not hide behind false hopes. You have tried the Western Medicine and the Oriental cures as well. I wonder what you learned from them?


          Anyway you were not once to show your worry to other people. What you did was to intensify your moments of life and joy by going to places which in the past gave you peace. You brought your faithful friends with you, Vella, Fanny and Tessie. You knew that I would have loved to be in your company but I know how will you understood my situations.


          While you shared your few remaining moments with us your friends you were at the same time preparing for your final journey. You gave instructions to your doctors, notified your only son on what is to be done when your end is near.


          So little by little you let go willingly and in style. And we are left with wonderful memories of a brave and caring friend and an emptiness which will last for a long time.


          God speed Lily. May you find the heaven we were all made for.



With much Love,

HS Batch ‘55

Remembering Lily (2/17/2017)

(Note: Lily Chua belonged to HS 55 and died on December 30, 2016.) 



Remembering Lily

By Rosemarie J. Bautista

HS Class ‘55


          As a classmate I remember Lily as my cousin. Herminia’s (Nitang’s) good friend. The tall girls were seated at the back for practical reasons and Lily and Nitang were both tall girls. I also knew and was not suspected that she excelled in the Math & Physics subjects and her favorite teachers were those who taught them. Mother Norberte was one of those teachers and though a lot of our classmates thought of Mother Norberte as strict and the subjects she taught, difficult, Lily did not agree.

          Her affection for Mother Norberte was evidenced by her visits to Mother when she (Mother Norberte) was ailing. She, with my other classmates like Fanny, Edda, Vella and Tessie (Manigque) brought a basket of food so that they can with Mother Norberte have a picnic indoors. By this time we were already adults, some of us with husbands and children. Our visits to mother Norberte continued up to the time when she was confined in the hospital where she died.

          During STC Homecomings and other gatherings, Lily would fetch us and bring us home. She performed this service for us up to the last months of her life. The last time was during Villa’s birthday celebration, November 2016. Lily fetched me and promised that anytime I wanted to go home the car will be available. This was a promise she made and fulfilled on every occasion.

          Lily was a classmate and the dearest and most considerate of friends. Instead of grieving we should celebrate her life for she lived it to the fullest with kindness and grace.

STAA Packs 1000 THKs for Cagayan Valley and Isabela (11/18/2016)

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STAA Packs 1000 THKs for Cagayan Valley and Isabela

by Annielu P. Dandan HS 80


Last November 12, 2016, the STCQCAA once more packed 1000 Teresa Hygiene Kits bound for Isabela and Cagayan Valley provinces. These two provinces were recently hard-hit by Typhoon Lawin. A Teresa Hygiene Kit contains basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo and toothpaste, as well as toothbrushes, female and male underwear, face towels and sanitary pads.  The association partnered with Caritas Philippines who will be in charge of transporting the THKs to the Archdiocese of Cagayan and the Archdiocese of Isabela. Thank you once more to all those who donated and spent time with the motley crew of packers last November 12, 2016.


Some photos are courtesy of Ms. Jessica Cinco HS 80



Rose Isada Cabrera and Marilyn Salvacion Mabuhay Restop: Promoting Cultural Heroism (10/23/2016)





Rose Isada Cabrera and Marilyn Salvacion

Mabuhay Restop: Promoting Cultural Heroism



Rose Isada Cabrera and Marilyn Salvacion have one of the most successful stories between mentor and apprentice: Rose, the supportive teacher, Marilyn, the passionate student.


The end product, or the start of their great relationship at the very least, is Mabuhay Restop, a unique one-stop shop that combines food, arts, culture and entertainment to promote Philippine tourism.


“I got to travel all over the country that I only used to dream of. It was more than I could ever imagine when I get this job, and I am forever grateful. This is the fulfillment of my dreams,” says Marilyn, a resident of Smokey Mountain who used to be one of the volunteers of Mabuhay Restop.


Today, she is not only the manager of this charming restaurant/tourist spot/events place but also part owner – all thanks to Rose, who is also the social enterprise director and one of the founders of Gkonomics, the enterprise arm of Gawad Kalinga.


Mabuhay Restop, located in the iconic Rizal Park, is a “shop for visitors in the Philippines, where guests get to sample Philippine culture and enjoy exceptional Philippine experiences in a one-stop destination through local home-style dishes, cultural shows with a modern twist, and eye-opening social tours. “The establishment also promotes Filipino artworks, and community merchandise made by Gawad Kalinga communities.


What’s beautiful about this business venture, is that the team running Mabuhay Restop are mostly volunteers and residents of Gawad Kalinga, people closest to the heart of Rose Cabrera, a lawyer by profession who was based in the US for more than 20 years. “Living in the US for more than half my life, I still look forward to coming home and I felt there was a dearth of places where you can celebrate Philippine arts and culture. I set up Mabuhay Restop to promote cultural heroism, where people can enjoy and experience how it is to be a Filipino.”



Source: Philippine Panorama

Sunday Magazine of the Manila Bulletin

23 October 2016


ONE STC R&R (10/8/2016)

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Video Source: https://www.facebook.com/alvin.j.sunga/videos/10210198035324344/

Credits: Alvin John Paul Sunga




By Looey Querubin


Once again, Theresians from all four campuses got together for a day of spiritual nourishment and rekindling of friendship. Though Theresians in Southern California have been getting together for decades, it was only in the early 2000’s that it transformed into our more traditional recollection held during the feast day of our patron saint, St. Teresa of Avila. In 2006, the event began to be held annually, skipping only 2007.


October 8, 2016 was a warm and particularly festive day when we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our annual (R)ecollection and (R)eunion.  Apart from celebrating our anniversary, Walnut (where our venue, St. Lorenzo Ruiz Church is located) was having its own city fiesta.  Moreover, welcome remarks from Fr. Martin, the Asst. Pastor, reminded us that St. Lorenzo Ruiz Church is one of the designated churches with the Holy Door of Mercy. It was a pleasant surprise for those who have not had the privilege of entering one yet.


Our theme for the recollection was “Be Merciful as Your Father” in keeping with our pope’s proclamation of the “Year of Mercy.” Our recollection speakers were Bishop Oscar Solis and Mrs. Fe Cabrera-Varquez.  Bishop Solis is the first-ever Filipino to be appointed as bishop in the US.  A favorite of the Theresians, this was the fourth time he has conducted the recollection for us. Our other speaker, Mrs Fe Varquez is a Theresian who holds a master’s degree in Theology. She conducts spiritual direction and lectures at the Loyola Marymount. It was the first time we invited a lay speaker who effectively gave another perspective on our theme.


The long lunch break provided the opportunity for fellowship and catching up on each other’s lives. It was also a time to acknowledge the participation and contribution of everyone who ensured the success of our event. After the celebration of an anticipated mass presided by Bishop Solis, our R&R ended with long good-byes and the hope of seeing each other again in October 14, 2017.




By Evelyn A. Opilas HS 66 C 70


Alumnae from St Theresa’s College campuses – Baguio, Cebu, Manila and Quezon City – gathered 8 Oct in Walnut, CA for their annual One STC R&R, marking ten years since they formalised informal retreats and reunions of previous years.


The One STC R&R provides a venue for STC alumnae living in southern California and other places in the United States ‘to continue the tradition of reuniting and rekindling friendships in order to affirm and live by our Christian values of love of God and others’ in order to ‘let our light shine’, according to their  mission statement.


Bishop Oscar A Solis, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, conducted the retreat, with teacher Fe Varquez providing a motivational perspective.


Theresians from around the US, the Philippines and Australia attended this year’s event.





Photo 1 – One STC R&R organisers with Bishop Oscar Solis.


Photo 2 – Travelling companions greeted friends at the One STC R&R from  left Oscar Dypiangco, Ellen Sacramento, Gloria Santos, Bessie Escalona, Evelyn Opilas, Veronica Morley, Vicky Li and Lucila Dypiangco.


Photo 3 – Contributors to Portal, an anthology of Theresian writing published in 2015 to mark the 500th year of their patron St Theresa of Avila catch up – Edna Consing Concepcion, Lucila Ocampo Dypiangco, Evelyn Opilas, Prudence Bautista Gaspar, and Louisa Querubin Maglaya.


Photo 4 – Moni Paredes Alcid and Evelyn Opilas whose late fathers Gen Zosimo Paredes and Col Vicente Opilas, respectively, were assigned to the former II PC Zone in Canlubang Laguna met by chance at the One STC R&R.




For further information, please contact:

Evelyn A Opilas

Mobile +61405607228


STAA Donates to the St. Joseph’s Transient Home (10/7/2016)

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STAA Donates to the St. Joseph’s Transient Home

by Annielu P. Dandan HS 80


               The St. Theresa’s College, QC Alumnae Association very recently donated 35 bags of groceries for the families of those confined at the National Orthopedic Center. These families, often from the provinces, stay temporarily at the St. Joseph’s Transient Center located near the ICM District House along Banawe St., Quezon City. The center is run by the ICM nuns. Each bag has fresh milk, coffee, soap, canned goods and biscuits that is good for a few members of the family. Sr. Clarita Dolencio, ICM, received the bags in behalf of the recipients.